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P.B. Kerr - Children of the lamp

P. B. Kerr – Children of the lamp

I got this book at school, well technically I got it at the library in the city. It was during school though. Confusing things. We had to locate an English book we wanted to read, most in my class didn’t like it, but I have started to read a lot of English books lately and I’m almost never in the library so I got two books. I am going to tell about the first book I borrowed, the second in the series about Children of the lamp.


Do you fancy mysterious people, youths with amazing abilities or constant action, which tells you a lot of what you need to know? Well then P. B. Kerr’s the blue djinn of Babylon is the right book for you. Readers tip: Even though you can read the books separately I think you should read the books in order. That gives you a lot of information you might need for later

Philippa and John Gaunt are thrown into a new adventure. Consisting of cobras, evil guys, ghosts and the blue djinn. At the djinn verso (official game of all djinnkind) Philippa gets taken over (a djinn enters her body and uses it to do whatever he or she wants) and lose the final by a “mistake”. Philippa and John get put on a quest by their uncle Nimrod. The person behind the quest lies and kidnaps Philippa. Philippa wakes up in the home of the blue djinn. (The blue djinn is the most powerful djinn in the entire world, but she’s, it’s always a she, knows exactly when she is going to die. So she needs to find a replacement before she dies.
The blue djinn is driven by logic and will lose all connection to her family) she can’t leave or doing anything like that. Meanwhile John struggles to find a way to save her.

I agree with daisy from the website goodreads, the book had its problems. Things he could have changed to make it better like a bit more on the story about the Gaunt mother. But nothing you can’t look away from a good book. It lacks a small bit of sensitivity but nothing major. All in all it’s a very good book, many great times liken when John servant have to do a 3 hour long distraction. And sad times, like when the dogs fell to the ground. It’s definitely a book I will recommend

I recommend it to fantasy lovers and pg 11 (persons 11 and up). I thinks it’s a great gift book, people doesn’t necessarily want to read that much but this book I think will work for most individuals.


Dice throw: 4+

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